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Helping You Manage Your Weight - One Step at a Time

Trust Angela to help you discover a healthier you

Angela Lovell of Nutrition Therapy and Wellness wants to help individuals discover new ways to manage their weight. Angela has a strong passion for nutrition wellness, working for over 15 years in the industry and helping a wide range of clients with their needs. She is fully invested in your health and well-being, and will help you take the steps necessary to ensure a healthier future.

When you work with Nutrition Therapy and Wellness, you will receive personal attention from Angela. She will work with you to create a custom wellness plan to aid in your weight management goals. The process tends to go as follows:

1) We will sit down for an initial session to discuss your lifestyle and dietary habits. We will go over a typical day - what you eat, how you sleep, your activity and your bowel habits. We will also discuss medical history and any recent lab results. All of these elements and more come into play when creating an effective dietary plan.

2) We will discuss more than just dietary and weight concerns. Through the use of dietetics and behavioral change techniques, Angela will begin setting up an approach to address eating, physical activity, emotional and mental health and other elements.

3) You will have a solid plan that will help you establish a healthier relationship with food. It will include a combination of diet, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, exercise goals and lifestyle changes.

Trust Angela to help you achieve a healthier relationship with food. Start on your weight loss journey today by contacting Nutrition Therapy and Wellness.

Trust Angela to help you discover a healthier you