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Are You Suffering From Digestive Issues?

You are not alone - call Nutrition Therapy and Wellness

Digestive concerns are ones that should not be ignored. Though many may dismiss their symptoms, placing the blame on a bad meal or stress, sometimes the cause is not just a one-off situation. There is usually an underlying factor for why your stomach is hurting and why bowel movements may be irregular.

Trust Angela Lovell to help determine the root cause of your digestive issues, or further manage diagnosed digestive disorders you may be dealing with. Angela will take the time to complete a nutrient lab analysis, look at your medical history, note any dietary triggers and come up with an efficient plan to address your digestive issues.

This plan can include:

• Elimination of foods which do not work with your body
• Implementation of foods which work with your digestive system
• Constant attention and tailoring of your diet and lifestyle habits to improve digestion with an ongoing holistic approach via contact with Angela between sessions

With an eating plan that focuses on anti-inflammation, Angela will work with you to restore your digestive tract to a normal state. Contact Angela Lovell at Nutrition Therapy and Wellness to get started on your new digestive plan. Before you know it, you will feel better than you have in a long time.