What Is Mindful Eating And How Can It Help Me?

Angela Lovell at Nutrition Therapy and Wellness utilizes her dual credentials in dietetics and professional counseling to educate clients and professionals about mindful eating in both personal and professional settings.

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Why mindful eating?

Mindful eating is allowing yourself to be aware of the positive experiences and nourishing properties of a variety of food and fluids. It is learning to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and eating all food in moderation, balance, and variety to obtain optimal physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health.

Mindful eating expert, Angela Lovell, works with her Dallas, TX area clients to target true cause of disordered eating behaviors and resolve them through Nutrition Counseling. She also serves clients nationally through online dietary and nutrition therapy counseling sessions.

Angela Lovell's mission is "achieving healthier relationships with food".

Everyone's path to optimal health is different. Angela addresses all aspect: mindful and intuitive eating, food allergies/intolerances testing and dietary changes, meal planning, grocery tours, cooking at home made easy, eating out with less stress, how to stop the food police and enjoy family/social meals, and much more.
The end goal to Nutrition Therapy and Wellness is to help all clients establish a positive relationship with food through nutrition education and counseling.

Discover the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual goals. Together with Angela you will explore solutions to overcome those barriers and eat mindfully for the rest of your life!

One of the biggest benefits of mindful eating is the sense of power and freedom that comes from developing this lifelong tool.

Our minds are very powerful, and with diligent practice anyone can master mindful eating. Listening to our body's 'hunger' and 'fullness' cues is essential to mindful eating. Angela Lovell at Nutrition Therapy and Wellness is a trusted Dallas, TX area based professional who educates and guides her clients with facts and compassion.
Angela has over fifteen years of experience starting at Texas Nutrition Consultants in Austin, TX focusing on sports nutrition and disordered eating concerns in 2001-2003 as an eager dietetic intern through the University of Texas coordinated program. Angela moved back home in Dallas for her dream job working with the Pediatric Psychiatry Eating Disorder Program at Children's Medical Center of Dallas 2003-2006. She then broadened her spectrum of care to adolescent and elderly clients by providing nutrition consultant services for troubled youth and long-term care facilities 2006-2009. Angela obtained a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling in 2009 and continues to be a nationally sought after nutrition and wellness expert.

Mindful Eating help from Angela Lovell can assist you in:

  • Cultivating awareness around your habitual and emotional eating patterns
  • Relearning to trust the feeling of hunger as your clue to eat
  • Decreasing the frequency that you eat because of stress, boredom, the sight or smell of food, etc.
  • Learning the triggers that drive you to overeating, and why restrictive eating is unsustainable
  • Eating what you love without feeling guilt, shame or out of control
  • Creating reasonable strategies for meal planning and mindfully eating
  • Feeling fabulous and focusing less on your weight and food and more on your overall health by establishing a healthier relationship with food

Angela's approach draws from her education and training in nutrition, the mind-body connection (including mindfulness and mindful eating) and professional counseling for whole-person optimal health.