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When it comes to establishing a healthy lifestyle and proper dietary habits, Nutrition Therapy and Wellness is a nutrition counseling service that provides personal attention to each client. Founder Angela Lovell is uniquely qualified to assist each client with her dual credentials of dietetics and professional counseling.

Angela's passion for helping people establish healthier relationships with food and more functional eating behaviors are crucial elements in maintaining beneficial lifestyle changes for her clients. With over twenty years of experience in nutrition counseling, Angela is a licensed Dietitian who dedicates her time to understanding the best eating plans and lifestyle changes for each individual client.

Through integrative and functional nutrition services, Angela assists clients in establishing unique treatments for digestive concerns,weight management and decreased inflammation. From nutrient lab analysis and treatment to sports nutrition, disordered eating and situation-specific healthy eating behaviors, Angela continues to demonstrate best practice techniques to assist her clients with achieving healthier relationships with food.

Nutrition Therapy and Wellness is dedicated to helping people understand the importance of lifestyle changes - not just diet. Establishing eating plans, workout regimens and other day to day habits are all contributors to optimal health and wellness.

Our Dietitian takes a detailed personal approach to your dietary concerns

Nutrition Therapy and Wellness allows individuals to choose healthy lifestyles that work for them. Through one-on-one consultations, phone consultations, pantry cleaning parties, grocery tours and group presentations, Angela dedicates herself to assisting her clients in achieving behavioral changes that will lead to a healthier lifestyle for the long term.

Angela strongly believes in healthy lifestyle choices that result in each individual's ultimate goal of an improved quality of life and overall wellness. Learning to manage your disorder, symptoms or basic dietary needs is an important step toward achieving a healthier relationship with food and more functional eating behaviors.

No matter the situation, issues or symptom you're dealing with, Angela works with you to:

• Evaluate your current lifestyle and dietary habits
• Analyze any nutrient deficiencies and areas of focus
• Create a specific diet/exercise plan for overall improved lifestyle

Non-diet nutrition therapy plays a large role in maintaining a healthy mentality for your functional lifestyle changes. Angela is passionate about helping each of her clients get on the right track to live a happy, healthy life.

You deserve to feel better. By having a healthier relationship with your food and diet, you will start to feel like a better person - inside and out. Trust a Dallas-based Dietitian who has fresh ideas to refresh your outlook on your food and yourself.

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