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Eating Disorder Treatment Services in Dallas, TX

If you are currently dealing with an eating disorder, it's important to seek help immediately. No matter how minor you think your situation may be, ignoring disordered eating can cause long term mental and physical complications. Not feeling like you can control your thoughts, feelings and actions involving food can be devastating and life-altering. You should seek counsel from a professional service like Nutrition Therapy and Wellness.

Angela Lovell is a Registered Dietitian and professional counselor who is passionate about helping those with disordered eating habits and feelings. Angela has a master's degree in professional counseling and over fifteen years of experience assisting a wide range of clients with their dietary habits and nutritional deficiencies.

You can trust Angela to use her knowledge and experience to work with you on your journey. She puts a strong focus on personalization for each client. Angela will take the time needed to develop your personal path to success. This includes:
  • Behavioral therapy to acknowledge the issue and work on ways to change perspectives
  • Meal planning to assist with the transition/process of getting away from old habits and feelings
  • One-on-one meetings throughout the week at grocery stores, restaurants or other locations to help each individual improve their relationship with food

You don't have to continue struggling with your eating disorder - assistance is just a phone call away. Let Angela Lovell assist you in finding a healthy relationship with food and establishing your individual healthy eating habits.

Find help for your eating disorder with Angela Lovell of Dallas, TX